Statistical Decision Tree

Prototype tool for the ANZMTG Melanoma trial statistical decision tree.

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This tool will help you find out which statistical test you can use on your data and the types of questions you can address from your clinical trial.

Some terminology for the wizard

A sample in biostatistics refers to a patient or biological sample. Various data are collected for each sample either once or multiple times over a defined time frame. The latter scenario are referred to as paired samples as you have multiple sets of data for the same patient.

A variable is some data property or feature that you are measuring in your experiment that can vary from sample to sample. For instance, if you are measuring the development of babies, depending on what they are fed during the first year of growth, you might measure their height, weight, gender, ethnicity, how often they eat, how much they eat and so on. Each of these measurements are referred to as a variable as they can differ each time you collect the data.

Not sure what tests to run, try the Statistical Decision Tree Wizard


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